vistaprint custom tshirt $1.99

30 July 2010

customise your vistaprint tshirt
normally 17.99
now 1.99

create your own look by choosing design and text options
enjoy the comfort and feel of 100% pre shrunk cotton
commerate special events in style

plus get 7.20 for your validated purchase thru cashback
i originally posted free postage as thats what the deal stated

the flyer said FREE POSTAGE with no reference to a min spend, but when i got to the website postage it is at the very least $13. there was a minimun spend of $40 for free postage. but they only said that on the website. i called them to complain and they will refund the postage price as a once off.

so you will have to call them and complain cuz it is false advertising but you will get free postage. up to you how far you want to take it. the flyer was in the Yellow Envelopes that have advertisements . have your account started up and order ready the number is 1800 021 631

the website on the flyer was maybe enter it manually


  • ufohunter
    The site still shows the price as 17.59 - is there a voucher code something?
  • mrsu83
    no they are definately 1.99 just on the website let me know if you dont find it
  • samia786
    it says 17.59 for me as well.
  • mrsu83
    make sure that the short sleeve tshirt is selected which it will be when u go to the website and scroll down to browse our designs or upload your own design then get started is directly next to it definately $1.99 for the short sleeve
  • nod
    Sometimes there is a special URL for these offers Mrsu83 and they are only available for those that receive the email etc..
  • mrsu83
    the email on the flyer was [url][/url] . it was received in the letter box not email so maybe you might have to enter it. i copyed and pasted the address as it was in the direct link. give it a try or ill delete the deal if it doesnt work:)
  • nod
    Working now - thanks
  • normie
    I received a flyer with the same offer but the URL is this flyer also stated free postage for the $1.99 t-shirt.
  • golfwidow
    It says at the top of the page 'Spend over $40 and you will get Free Postage' when I click through to design a shirt for $1.99

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