US$6 Tshirt sale @ Threadless

29 January 2009

I have no idea how I missed this and it is the last day of the sale. Good thing is that it is based on USA time which means we have until 2pm EDST. Looks like a lot are sold out


  • mouldgirl Cute :)
  • admin EDITOR
    this made me chuckle...
  • queenshrew
    Yeah their designs are really cute :) I just can't justify paying the postage though, with our poor exchange rate at the moment... But I really like their shirts..maybe next time :)
  • jackyblue
    Just out of interest - does anyone know what sort of postage 3 x T-shirts would cost?
  • bigal
    3 shirts, economy to sydney is US$15
  • admin EDITOR
    Different class of shirt altogether but chargrilled is better value with the buy 3 get 4 / free postage deals. Remo have also got a ]lucky dip bin for t-shirts on at the moment - 75% off so under $10 a shirt. Now I just need to figure out how to order one. Remo really need to do some work in usability. Great having the cool funky chaotic brand - useless if people cant figure out how to use your facility.
  • Cherie
    If you use the coupon code 'stumbled' you will get an extra $3 off the tees!!!
  • kazyazy
    I love threadless tees
  • nod
    If you use the coupon code 'stumbled' you will get an extra $3 off the tees!!!
    Welcome to Buckscoop Cherie and thanks for the code. I will post it up for you as a voucher for fellow buckscoopers

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