Up to 75% discount on Ministry Of Sound 2006/2007 fashion range! Shirts from just 10 BUCKS!!

25 November 2007

Ministry Of Sound have a decent range of their 2006/2007 clothes range on sale - UP TO 75% OFF!

But hurry - It's only while stocks last!

See below for a sample of Ministry's range.


  • Brad
    ]http://ministry.forward.net.au/shop/catalog/images/camomenT_h215.gif Mens Shirts ]http://ministry.forward.net.au/shop/catalog/images/ghostlogogirlT_h215.gif Womens Shirts ]http://ministry.forward.net.au/shop/catalog/images/speechhoodie.gif Hoodies + more!
  • fairybelle
    the hoodies are good value $39.95 reduced from $119.95
  • nod
    $120 for a hoody!!!! :D OMG Great saving at 40 though. Thanks Brad
  • Brad
    This is my pick for $10: ]http://ministry.forward.net.au/shop/catalog/images/large/crosword-velvet-red-reg.gif I love it.
  • nod
    That is a pretty cool tee :) And for $10 a bargain :D
  • nod
    http://ministry.forward.net.au/shop/catalog/images/imagecache/sessionsfour_400.jpg This is quite cool too - only $30
  • Brad
    There are still a few of these left in stock. :)

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