Up To 70% Off at CoutureCandy Sale and 7.5% Cashback!

17 April 2007

With up to 70% off at Couture Candy and 7.5% in BuckScoop cashback, it's worth having a look through their sale.

* Earnest Sewn Decca 86 Straight Leg Jean Sale! $139.00 30% off
* Earnest Sewn Corduroy in Chocolate Sale! $132.00 30% off
* Yanuk Dreamer in Raw Sale! $122.00 20% off
* Yanuk Utopia in Vintage Sale! $138.00 22% off
* Literature Boy Polo in Black Sale! $82.00 20% off
* Diesel Hush D.S. Washed Denim Sale! $147.00 30% off
* Charlotte Ronson Hoodie w Tassel in Seagreen Sale! $48.00 70% off
* Pegah Anvarian Twist Front Top Sale! $82.00 50% off
* Morphine Generation Familia Pullover Hoodie Sale! $129.00 25% off
* Rebecca Taylor Stretch Cotton Culotte Sale! $168.00 30% off
* Earnest Sewn Hefner Bootcut in Badlands Sale! $157.00 30% off
* Linea Pelle 3 Double Ring Belt Sale! $150.00 20% off
* Hank Short Sleeve V Neck with Ramblin' Rose Sale! $45.00 25% off
* Karanina Karanina Daffodil Dress Sale! $185.00 30% off
* Wyeth Lurex Stripe Dress Sale! $240.00 25% off
* Fins Denim Ruffle Blazer Sale! $139.00 30% off
* Karanina Karanina Convertible Dress in Green Doily Sale! $217.00 30% off
* Karanina Karanina Silk Rose Bud Dress Sale! $236.00 32% off
* Diesel Naze Pantalone Sale! $94.00 25% off
* James Flap Pocket Bootcut in Viper Sale! $126.00 30% off
* Petro Zillia Anita Short Sleeve Top Sale! $156.00 20% off
* Ella Moss Helena Braided Belt Skirt Sale! $106.00 30% off
* Rebel Yell City of Angels Tee in Green Sale! $60.00 30% off
* Diesel Melyxi Trouser Sale! $189.00 37% off
* Alvin Valley Cropped Slacks Sale! $189.00 18% off

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  • pow a.
    ]http://www.couturecandy.com/media/images/couturegram/0418-pierce.jpg A Stylish Truth Earth Day (this Sunday, April 22nd) doesn't have to be all gloom and doom! We've seen the staggering figures, the fire and brimstone, the Goring slide show, but the best news is we still have an amazing opportunity to make a change in the right direction! It's simply a matter of altering habits and appreciating our only abode, planet earth, as the incredible home that it is (pass the recycled tissues). For instance, if you are browsing for something gorgeous to wear, look no further than the organic threads of Ecoganik. Ecoganik uses only low-impact dyes and eco-friendly fabrics (organic cotton, tencel, hemp, organic indigo denim, silk, organic wool, and eco-fleece) approved by the OTA Fiber Council Committee. This isn't Birkenstock-Hippie wear, it's chic ensemble choices like the delicate Voile Braided Top, the unique vintage-inspired Jersey Peasant Top and the surprisingly sexy fit of the Short Sleeve Sweatshirt. Pierce Jeans is also acting globally--Their ultra-flattering denim gives a portion of each sale to organizations like Worldvision to help feed children in need in places like Africa, Mongolia and Cambodia. The Pierson Slim Jean looks amazing in Midnight Blue and Red Ceder. For a more fashion-forward style, choose the High-Waist Jean, perhaps inspired by the very first, groovy Earth Day (April, 1970). So reward yourself for turning green with an eco-friendly treat from CoutureCandy! Just think, by shopping online, you've already conserved the energy it takes to drive to the mall, heat the mall, light the mall and find a parking spot!

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