Up to 50% off sale @ Shoobiz in-store NOW!

3 June 2007

On Friday the 1st of June, the end-of-season sale started at Shoobiz Shoe Stores nationwide. There are savings to be had of up to 50% off.

Now I cannot list anything here that seems like a bargain, as it is all offline, but if anyone nabs anything nice, it would be great to hear from you!!

Sale ends 11th June 2007.


  • Emma EDITOR
    ] Click here to view the store listings to find one near you!!
  • nod
    I wonder if they were open today? Probably not... but might be worth going to have a look tomorrow. I am always a bit dubious about the 'up to' sales. Usually there is one item that is at 50% off and then all other sale items are 5-10% off. I guess that is what marketing is all about. Get us into the store and we are more likely to buy. But feedback from someone who has been to the sale would be great.
  • Emma EDITOR
    Well, I spotted this on another forum, and a few peeps there said they had grabbed a few bargains, so I posted this on that basis. Being physically attached to my computer chair, I'm afraid I cannot pop out and check!!!
  • admin EDITOR
    physically attached to your chair ..... :D
  • nod
    Ah cool...I am a bit like you Jayne. Trying to find the time to get out and about is a bit hard sometimes. Maybe you should think about fitting road tyres/wheels to your computer chair and then you could get out about.....:D

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