Tony Bianco sale items - 50% off listed price + auto 20% off sale price + 20% with promo code + free shipping

29 January 2013

I cant 100% confirm that this will work yet as the promo code that gives you the final 20% doesnt click over as valid until midnight. But its worth posting for two reasons. The 50% off sale price discount plus the auto 20% off plus the free shipping offer are good value anyway. The extra 20% off with the promo code would be a bonus.

I'll post a couple of examples below but you can pick up some pretty cool shoes in the region of $48 delivered at the moment and if the promo code works it'll drop the price to $38.40 or so which is a bargain for Tony Bianco shoes.

The promo code details are attached.


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    So these ones are $48 pre promo code and would be $38.40 post - down from $129 to start with. These would be the same as above but down from an original price of $160 This bag, albeit small would come in at $71.96 with free shipping pre promo code and $57.55 after - down from $90 to start with. Not a bad bargain price I think.
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    They've still not cleared the code for use yet, even though they were supposed to. Will report back when its working.
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    Finally........ I've just been able to verify that this promo code doesn't work on sale items, which isnt so bad as they've still got that hidden extra 20% off when you go to the checkout making the sale item prices good.
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    I've just found another promo code which gives you $25 off your purchase, but again it wont work on sale items. Neither will it stack with the 20% off promo code but at least you have the choice depending on which makes the greater difference to the order price. $25 off or 20% off.

What do you think?

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