Threadless Sale- All tees $9 for 09/09/09 - Extended.

9 September 2009

At Threadless, we're not just going to sit back and let a monumentous occasion go by without a sale!! It's only 9/9/09 once every 1000 years, so...

In celebration of today, ALL TEES are $9! Don't wait for 3009! Get 'em now!


  • NoosieB
    Don't forget, Threadless is a US company and the prices are in US dollars. US$9 works out as of today in Aussie dollars as . . . . . . .AUS$10.41. Wow, great exchange rate at the moment. :)
  • taskel
    Extended!!! Threadless has extended this sale through 4 PM Central Time!
  • admin EDITOR
    I bought that ET phone home one ages ago but it was in small size and for once small really was small. Have been meaning to buy it in medium for ages.
  • taskel
    Expired now. :(

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