$10 T-shirt sale! $6 shipping capped for orders above $60

7 October 2011

All reprints, new and old.

Sizes are aplenty. Check $5 tee's while you're at it!

First time I've seen the shipping capped at $6 which makes it truly a bargain overall!


  • admin EDITOR
    The shipping cap is good. They do a heck of a lot of $10 sales though - the most recent was just last month where they made all shirts $10.
  • lilpretzel
    Welcome to Buckscoop xiaw :) Thank you for your post, plus I just wanted to let you know that Buckscoop doesn't allow referral links..
  • xiaw
    Erp - ok! Did not know that. I'm going to put it in the description in case anyone wants to feel generous :) Unless that is also not allowed?
  • admin EDITOR
    You can post it in this thread but not in the deal itself. We dont allow referral links or self promotion etc as it takes away any of the 'objectivity' in making a deal post in the first place. The community is about people posting items that they objectively think are good value - not posting because they can get something out of clickthroughs. Your deal is good value I agree with that. If anyone is generous they will pick up your referral code out of the thread.
  • xiaw
    Ok! I did an edit on the main post, but guess one of the mods aint too happy with it being on the front page and all? Well, if anyone is still feelin generous :D you can click with the link below:
  • queenshrew
    I love threadless tees.. I own too many of them! I wear them and so does my little girl :D If you guys ever could.. try and buy threadless vouchers on sale from eBay as they have multiple use, and using those vouchers in conjunction with Threadless sale is just simply awesome!
  • queenshrew
    Found a seller with a few vouchers left on sale on eBay: $100 worth of voucher for only $55. So essentially, 45% off. Add that on top of Threadless sale, and this is a definite win! Link here:

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