TeeFury- New tee everyday for US$9

11 October 2009

One new super limited-edition tee every 24 hours for US$9. Shipping is US$9 to Australia.


  • admin EDITOR
    International shipping $5. Heck of a design on todays shirt. http://www.teefury.com/products_large_images/bottom_temptation.jpg
  • golfwidow
    International shipping starts at $5 but to Australia is $9 ;)
  • Wormetti
    I bought the Darthtut and Transminator t-shirts. They were too geeky to resist.
  • kazyazy
    http://www.teefury.com/products_images/griggitee-mocks.jpg Todays tee. I have to say the designs are pretty cool, lots of detail.
  • lisss
    Not bad, but I way prefer Threadless :) Their $9 and $12 sale shirts are cheaper too with shipping being less... not sure about the $15 ones. I wonder whether they print the shirts based on how many orders they get at this site? I expect thats what they do if the shirt is for 1 day only.
  • admin EDITOR
    Some of these deisgns are very threadless'y. http://www.teefury.com/products_large_images/Bottom_TheSeasonsofMyMind.jpg
  • fairybelle
    seems to be a bit of a halloween theme going? Or maybe someone just likes pumpkins
  • kazyazy
    It is I read somewhere it is a Halloween theme this week
  • admin EDITOR
    They claim the image is of zombies (which I guess might be haloweenie)..... but I'm having trouble seeing the guys posting the flag as anything but Platoon B. http://www.teefury.com/products_large_images/bottom_rise.jpg
  • jennkei
    Hm, similar concept to Shirt.Woot : One Shirt, No Shoes, No Service (SM) -- which is $10+$5 shipping. They're also having a Halloween theme on..
  • closey
    I ordered from TeeFury on the cheapest shipping and got my delivery to 2304 within 10 days. Awesome... Thanks for the heads up on shirt.woot too!
  • golfwidow
    Todays design http://www.teefury.com/products_images/alvinpirata-mocks.jpg

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