Sumo Laptop Bag 15 @ Rushfaster $164.95 (or so) delivered.

9 December 2007

For some reason I quite like this bag. Its that 1/2 way between being boring enough not to look stupid with business clothes on, more contemporary than classic and not completely boring black. Not that I've thought about this.

Laptop bags bug me. I still cant find a nice looking one that fits a 17" without it being bulbous or having that crappy seatbelt material on the strap that chews the crap out of your clothes.

Anyway - price on this is $189.95 - delivery would normally be $6.50 take ten percent off ($17.25) and take cashback off ($7.75) and you get it delivered for $164.95. At that price its actually cheaper to buy it in Oz. Ha!

I stuck the (or so) on this because its entirely plausible that my maths has a mistake or two in it, and I've made a few assumptions as to how they apply the 10% off.


  • nod
    Have to say that I love my Crumpler bag. But I guess it does have the crappy seat belt material for the strap. But I dont have an issue with it :)
  • wheadle
    So what is the strap made out of on this one Admin?
  • wheadle
    Hey donkey I just got a 10% and free shipping email from this mob
  • wheadle
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks wheadle - I forgot to add that to the deal when I posted it. If you go to the deal there's one of the pictures that shows the strap.

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