Stack Offers at OzSale for Super Savings with $1 Shipping, 10% off and $10 off Voucher

OzSale have some excellent discount promos on right now which are redeemable together. The fact that you can stack three of them at the same time is rare, making this an opportune time to shop at OzSale. The first two promos consist of a $1 flat rate shipping and 10% off any purchase as part of their "Xmas Frenzy" sale over the next two days. The third is a $10 off voucher which can be used on orders of $40 or more. 

In order to make the most out of this opportunity of stacking at OzSale, there are three approaches to spending which I'm going to recommend. The first way is to buy a few high value items that get you over the $40 minimum spend threshold, allowing you to combine all three promos. Another tact is to aim for a variety of lower value items to achieve the same result but increase the quantity of items (i.e. a whole bunch of Christmas stocking filler gifts). Finally, with the 10% off and $1 shipping promos, I'll look at how you can get cheap items delivered individually for just a fraction more than what each one costs.


The OzSale website if you haven’t used it before is a membership based site, so if you aren’t a member already, sign up for free in under two minutes with either your email address or by linking with Facebook.

So without further ado, our first method for saving money during this sale is our high value items combination. Here we are using $1 shipping, 10% off your basket as well as $10 deducted from your basket total when you spend more than $40. A couple of examples could be:

  1. The Rihanna Rebelle 4 piece gift set is priced at $45. Add this to your cart and it works out to be $31.50 total spend including shipping after you apply the $10 off discount (along with automatically receiving the $1 shipping plus the 10% off sitewide discount). Ozcosmetics for example have a similar product with 3 pieces for $73.90 with free shipping.
  2. Forster Pique Polo for $15 and a Montrose Zip Hoodie for $25 by Jeanswest bought together totals $40. Including the discounts you only need to spend $27 including shipping.

 Discounted prices on Perfumes

The second method you can use is buying a variety of low value items to reach the value of $40. A couple of suggestions could be as follows:

  1. Romance Gel bra for $9, Romance string underwear for $5, Heat/Soul Tea for $7, Zipper Mug for $7, Shanghai ginger body lotion for $5 and Christmas duo Brasilia glitter for $7 will all total $40. After you include all three offers your total spend will actually be $27.


  1. Avengers Tee for $9, Tiger boxers for $9, Brew Cup + bottle opener for $9 and Joop Homme fragrance for $15 will come to a gross total of $42. However, with the promo discounts you'll get all the above for a net spend of $29.20 delivered to your front door.

 Discounted Prices on Designed Products

Finally our last tact is for those of you who have already done most of their Christmas shopping and only need a one or two stocking fillers perhaps. By using the 10% off with the $1 shipping cap, you will find that it's possible to even end up paying less than the original list price for an item while still have shipping included (see Dinosaur puzzle example below):

  1. Coconut Oasis Travel Candle is $6 but you can have it delivered for only $0.40 more. ($6 – 10% = $5.40 + $1 shipping = $6.40) If you buy this same product from you can buy the candle for $1.85 but have to pay $8 shipping.
  2. The Constitution t-shirt costs $4 but after applying the two offers it will arrive at your door for a total of $4.60. The cheapest t-shirt with a similar theme that I could find on was $25 and up, but you still needed standard delivery which was $7 so your total was $37.
  3. Breaking Bad Meth tee for only $12 will work out to only cost you $11.80. This is less than the price of the t-shirt with shipping included. If you don’t like this design there are over 15 different options. Similarly within the example above, there were no tees as original as the OzSale one, but similar products at CafePress were priced at circa $22 + $7 shipping.
  4. Marika arm wallet suitable for carrying your iPod / iPhone whilst running is priced at $9. But after the discounts it will arrive at your delivery address for $9.10.
  5. Dinosaur puzzle that costs $12 will actually only cost you $11.80 after you apply the discounts. Big W had a selection of adult puzzles all priced at $30. Whilst Target had a 8-in-1 Disney themed puzzle for $10, it falls under their $75 free delivery bracket, so delivery costs $9.


Another thing to mention is that OzSale also have a MasterPass promo on right now that encourages you to sign up and pay with MasterPass (provided by MasterCard), during the Xmas Frenzy. If you do, you will be upgraded to ‘VIP Priority Membership’ for free. This basically means you will have access to sales 1 hour earlier from the site and 2 hours earlier from your mobile. They claim this VIP membership is worth $100. The only way I could find this information is by scrolling to the bottom of the home page, below all the current and pending sales.

MasterPay Details and Terms and Conditions

A brief summary of the T&Cs state: $1 dollar shipping applies to all products bought within a single checkout. Any products bought from a different sales campaign that are included in the same checkout will charge you shipping of $3 per each campaign. Delivery before Christmas is only guaranteed on items bought within the ‘OzSale Xmas Frenzy Event’ that starts on 23rd November and ends on 25th November 2014. Guaranteed delivery is strictly subject to stock availability from suppliers. It is your responsibility to check the estimated delivery time information for your relevant products. This info will be available on the product page at the time of purchase and for more information about deliveries visit their delivery section.

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