Spurr Blossom peep toe heel is $19.94 posted at The Iconic.

16 August 2013

The Iconic has this Spurr Blossom peep toe heel for $19.94 inclusive of postage. It is only available in black at this price but lots of sizes are still in stock. The Iconic has free shipping on orders over $50 so if you buy this shoe with some other sale items totalling over $50, you can save on the $4.95 shipping charge.


  • ozgadgetguy
    Shows up as $49.95?
  • Captainjack
    They probably sold what they had left in stock for that colour before the new batch arrived - then hiked the price back up. Need to be quick on these deals.
  • MissSparrow
    yup I think its sold out at that price. that was pretty quick. =( will expire the deal

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