Spotlight empty the bolt sale - get 30% off

18 November 2010

Here is a great deal for anyone looking for material.

This sale is for VIPs, but you can sign up for free in store.

If you take the whole bolt (roll of material), Spotlight will discount the bolt by 30% per metre.

Eg, you want your fabulous curtain material and it $20 per metre. The roll has 6m on it - usually this would cost you $120 - but if you take the whole roll, it will cost you only $90.

This also includes materials already on sale - including clearance materials - which means you might get a $4 per m roll that was originally $15 per m, but only end up paying $2.80 per m.

What I do is go in and check out what materials I need (plus the clearance rack), and then if the roll looks small and near it's end - just ask them how much is left on it.. then you often end up getting more material but for a similar price.

What do you think?

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