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Wed 3rd April 2013.

Back when I  wrote this original post in January there wasnt a lot of reason to sign up to the US Amazon Mom programme, which is effectively the same as UK Amazon Family. Amazon over there had pretty much stopped making any decent offers and pared the programme back. Since then they seem to have picked things back up and are back to issuing some decent promo codes and other discount offers. We've just posted a bargain deal for $50 off Rosetta Stone language packs (already discounted by 30% on list price) and they'll deliver to Aus but you need to be a Mom member. The process for signing up to either Mom or Family for free is the the same. I've been through both and can verify that if you do it with an Australian address and credit card it works. If your needing to sign up read my method below.


The original Post from 30th Jan 2013.

Just playing around with this programme to see what benefits it might bring. I listed an Amazon coupon code the other day from the Family programme which led me to having a closer look. This write up applies to the Amazon family programme run on and not the Amazon Mom one run on the I had problems getting signed up on the .com one so will go back and tackle it later.

So there's two parts to this Amazon promo. One is membership to Amazon family and the other is subscribing to Amazon Prime. The latter is the bit that you will be charged for in the future, ie once your 3 month free trial is over. Its also the reason you need to enter your credit card at sign up. Amazon Family is the part that gives you access to various Amazon promotional codes and other promo's. Amazon Prime is useless to you as your shipping stuff to Australia. Making sure your not charged any money for joining Amazon Family is easy. Once signed up just go into your Amazon Prime settings under your account and cancel the Automatic Update. Dont cancel your Family subscription (found under a seperate tab). Its the one that will continue to deliver you the promotional codes and discount offers.

So on joining Amazon Family the headline offers are:

A Huggies Nappy offer for 20% off the cost. This wont do much for you as unfortunately they wont ship them to an Australian address. Scratch that one.

£10 off a £50 in the baby store. This discount is automatically credited to your Amazon account. The baby store items can be found here. There's plenty in there around the threshold £50 level, for which you will obviously get a £10 discount on for one purchase. This offer is useful. Its a free £10 off something your probably going to buy. Worth signing up for.

Amazon Prime discounts. As mentioned - of no use. Scratch that.

Where the best value kicks in is the specific product related family offers. These are things like a promotion codes for 25% off Tommee Tippee, £25 off various pushchairs, £20 off car seats. In the case of large items its effectively discounting the shipping cost so use it if the base item price is good by comparison to buying it in Australia. On smaller items its going to eat into the base cost, given the shipping will be cheap. To grab the discount you need to drop the promotional code into the Gift certificate / promotional code claim field on checkout.

At the moment there's plenty of discounts in there. Some examples are

Promotional codes for:

£40 off the cost of an Ameda Lactaline Personal Electric Breastpump, which would bring the price down to £50.41 ex vat

Ameda Lactaline Personal Dual Electric Breastpump

£40 off the cost of a Medela Mini Electric Double Breastpump which would bring the price down to £58.81 ex vat

Medela Mini Electric Plus Double Breastpump

25% off the cost of a Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Complete Starter Kit which would bring the price down to £62.74 ex vat and delivered.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Complete Starter Kit

20% off all Angelcare Monitors.

Angelcare AC1100 Video with Movement and Sound Monitor

These are just a selection of the discounts which they will no doubt roll over from time to time. I'll put the full list up on our Amazon promotional code page with expiry dates and compile them  into one in the Deals Forum and will keep the list updated as we go along (though give me a couple of hours to get both done). Happy to have any comments you might want to make and I will make it a project to test out the Mom programme as well.






  • Donkey
    I actually signed up to the US Amazon Mom programme but its crappy to be polite. They dont run the promotional code discounting in the same manner as Family in the UK and have, since Jan 24th been chopping back the benefits. Thus its not worth writing up.
    • Donkey
      I'm going to eat my words about the US Mom programme. Amazon US have come back around to doing some decent offers again. The process for signing up to Amazon Mom is the exact same as for Amazon Family and I can verify that it works using an Australian credit card.

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