Shoesales free gift card offer + free delivery + $15 off promo code + clearance bin stack up.

18 February 2013

There's a pretty good stack up of promo's from that can be done through until midnight. Possible 11 pairs of shoes for $205.

The stack up centers around the free gift card offer from Shoesales posted earlier and the clearance bin again. The $15 promo code comes from signing up to their newsletter. It applies to orders over $99. The free delivery comes as standard from

I was playing around to see how many pairs of shoes I could get delivered by using offers, the promo code and the clearance bin. Max would be 11 pairs of shoes for $205. Trolling the clearance bin I added 1 @ $20 pair of shoes and 8 @ $25 to make up a $220 order. It needed to be $220 as applying the $15 discount promo code brings the price to $205, just over the $200 threshold that unlocked my entitlement to the $60 gift voucher. Delivery was free. The other two pairs of shoes would come as a result of the gift card. In the above configuration I'd exhausted all the $20 and all but one pair of the $25 shoes so had to put a $25 and $35 pair into the next order to make it up to $60. You'll obviously need to wait for the gift voucher to be sent to you.

Not a bad deal.

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