flash sale - $45 and under list - plenty at $25 a pair.

25 January 2013

Worth a look if your after some shoes. Sizes are limited but there is a fair range of shoes in there.

Shoesales seem to be a bit confused as to when this promo ends. They posted it on their facebook feed 10 hours ago as a two day sale, so ending tomorrow night, but when you go to the promo page it says ending tonight. I'd say if you want something be quick.

You can apply the signup to the newsletter $15 off promo code if your order is $70 or more - see our promo codes page and free shipping applies.

I've written up a blog post on how to get yourself 3 pairs for $60 delivered from the sale.


  • admin EDITOR
    My original assumption as to teh ending date was correct. It ends today 26th Jan. Not as per the graphic on that sale page where it appears to be ending in a couple of hours.
  • admin EDITOR
    And its still going on. Extended once again. They must have updated the list of shoes as there's a few different ones in there now.

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