Selected items 2 for $45 at BnT

13 March 2008

Choose from:
- Dandy hoody dress
- Dandy stripe knit wrap
- Dandy star knit playsuit
- Dandy skull 3/4 knit pant
- Dandy 3/4 knit tee

Some of these are $49.99 by themselves at RRP so well worth getting a discount and another for free!

Can be a mix of items as well. Not just two of the same product.


  • golfwidow
  • nod
    even you piccie for sleepwear has a renovation feel Golfy :D Not sure the pants are worth $45 but I figure I could pay $22.50 for them :)
  • admin EDITOR
    My neice would like some of this stuff.

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