Sale on Izzy Large Duffle bag (in blue) for $99 from Bags n Packs + possible free shipping with coupon

24 April 2013

Bags n Packs are running a deal on this Izzy Large Duffle bag (in blue, with gold studded bottom) for $99. I've looked at two other retailers, namely Coco Kitten and, who are offering the same for an average price of about $192.50. So the Bags n Packs offer looks to be good value.

Shipping is an extra $10 on top and the offer is only valid until 1pm Thursday 25th of April.

I see that if you join their newsletter you apparently receive a discount code for $10 off when you spend $100 or more. Buckscoop actually list the code on under their Vouchers section as it appears to be generic - I am yet to receive a confirmation email after joining their newsletter so can't confirm.

I had a quick scan of their cheapest items to see what I could get to bump the price over the $100 mark and came across the Karissa Skinny Studded Belt (in pink) for $14.85, apparently marked down by 63%. However, when trying to use the code at checkout it said it was invalid.

Not sure if there's just a disconnect on their website in terms of signing up and using the code, or if it's no longer generic. Perhaps others will have more luck. Still, at $109 including delivery its not a bad price for this bag.

What do you think?

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