ROC Eyewear - Monday 3rd Dec 12.30pm and 1pm - 50% off the ROC range + P&H

29 November 2007


To celebrate the silly season & ensure YOU make a great impression on the sand this summer the team @ ROC Eyewear are getting reeeal silly too...

Merry Xmas! Happy New Year! & have 50% off the ROC range + P&H!!

The best bit is since the first of the month falls on a Saturday
we have decided to run the promotion on Monday the 3rd so everyone can join in the fun!!

Between the hours of 12.30pm and 1pm on Monday 3RD of the December ONLY!!

Your friends don't know about this??

All they have to do is register online and Hello... Happy 1/2 Hour!!

TELL THEM and let them in on this dirty little secret !!

ROC for REAL people wanting everyone to look ultra cool this summer


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