Rivers - spend $25 on mens shoes and get a free $25 voucher

9 March 2010

Don't know how long it's valid for, but on the Rivers website they have a thing that if you spend $25 on men's shoes, you get a $25 voucher.

Would be a great deal if they have their cheap men shoe deal on at the time (here's hoping anyway!)


  • ntowill
    They do have some shoes that work out quite cheap if you get the $25 voucher, eg: http://www.rivers.com.au/Product_pics/2924MJOG_White_side_t.jpg http://www.rivers.com.au/Product_pics/2678MJOG_WhiteNavy_side_t.jpg http://www.rivers.com.au/Product_pics/2251MJOG_brown_side_t.jpg $29.95
  • Rebekah76
    looks like you have to be Rivers VIP membre (but that is free to join up) is it possible you have to buy in the store (and present your vip card), then put a code from the receipt on the website to redeem your voucher?
  • ntowill
    I assume that's what you have to do - put in a code from a receipt. You still get a receipt when you purchase online but you have to wait until it gets delivered and maybe the promo may be gone then???
  • Rebekah76
    maybe the receipt they email you will have the number?

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