Rivers- Selected socks only $1 - Starts Thursday

28 October 2009

Selected socks only $1, 4 days only


  • kazyazy
  • Keeys
    Our family LOVE Rivers socks!!!
  • golfwidow
    AGH! I knew this would happen. I gave in and bought some yesterday. Can never have too many socks with kids though so will stock up again :D
  • frogduck
    awesome, going to be heading to rivers on thursday then :P
  • kazyazy
    Yay for cheap comfy socks :D
  • mouldgirl
    Anyone know if they are cotton?
  • ExoticFamiliarity
    I just notice in TINY writing that "limit per customer applies" ? I wonder how many you can get before the limit... lol
  • Rebekah76
    remember: no limit for SA customers.

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