Rivers (Online and Retail stores) All Mens Black Shirts, Tees and Polos - $5.90!!

1 September 2008

Hi all,

Rivers Online and Retail stores have a fantastic clearance on Men's shirts, tees and polos:

Previously $9.90 last week, reduced to $7.90 over the weekend, and now $5.90 only!

If shopping online, just search for the items listed at $5.90 - still quite a few selection of items available under polos, shirts and tees :)


  • dennisy
    And here's a larger sized banner of the promo :) http://www.rivers.com.au/images/black_promo%20banner.jpg
  • mouldgirl
    Luv the idea for the prices. I prefered the smaller promo banner :D grumpy gramps
  • labgirl
    thanks - just picked up a nice black long sleeved polo for $5.90 at the shopping centre at lunch

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