Rivers - Mens Cotton Twill Shirts $18 (4 Days Only)

9 June 2009

There's some nice shirts in the Rivers Sale, the mens cotton twill shirts are reduced to $18, but they have some more expensive ones priced at $29 which look quite nice too. (Usually $59)

*Please note all orders must be $20 minimum (before postage)


  • taskel
    Dunno why this guy's modelling the shirts!!! :confused: http://www.rivers.com.au/images/09Mcottontwillshirts.jpg
  • lisss
    Ew yuck advert :/ Does anyone know what this "rivers members day" that they have sent subscribers about 5 emails about is....!??? They list a whole lot of terms but dont say what the special is or when it is, just that its in the catalogue - that is not available online! GRRR and they have sent the email 5 times now! I sent them an email asking but no reply. Am really annoyed with Rivers lately, their customer service sucks!

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