Rivers - Buy a $30 Watch - get a $30 Gift Voucher - Instore ONLY

28 October 2008


* Offer available in any Australian Rivers Store (excluding the online shop)
* To receive your voucher, you will need to fill in a form on our website: www.rivers.com.au
* Click on the link, enter in the required information and you will receive your Gift Voucher within 12 working days
* Offer ends at end of trade Wednesday 5th November
* Limit of 5 vouchers per customer
* The transactions can only be paid for with cash/debit/credit cards - i.e. you cannot pay for the watch with a gift voucher or credit note
* You must apply for your Gift Voucher by 10th November, 2008 (5 days following the conclusion of the promotion)
* The free gift voucher(s) will be valid for 2 months from the date of issue and can be used at any Rivers Store (excluding the online shop)


  • jdstacey
  • admin EDITOR
    I cant quite get my head around the economics of this deal .......but in any case hot from me jdstacey.
  • queenshrew
    This is a good deal :D I guess it's like a cashback offer - you have to write in for it.. I guess there's also another way to look at it: Spend $30, get this watch free :D HOT from me, rep for you.. Am tempted to take it up :D
  • melissanj
    its a great double pressie for chrissie for those sale oblivious males (not all!!) :P
  • lilpretzel
    Just changed the link to the promo page since it's now been posted. http://www.rivers.com.au/pics/watch_$30GV.jpg ;)
  • frogduck
    Hmm, I think I would go for this deal if the watch looked nicer :( looks kinda.. plain i guess

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