Rivers -All women's and girls' sandals, 50% off - 4 days only - Starts Sunday

22 January 2010

This offer is available between Sunday 24th January and Wednesday 27th January only.

Looks like a lot of variety, but it says limited styles/sizes depending on what your local store may have...


  • queenshrew
  • NoosieB
    Love Rivers shoes. Haven't tried their sandals before, but given the quality has always been great, think I may have to go shopping on Sunday. There's lots of lovely ones in the flyer. Fingers crossed they have my size. Thanks queenshrew :)
  • queenshrew
    I went to the store today, and grabbed 5 pairs of shoes for $46. Really stoked!!! I bought 2 pairs of leather thongs and 2 pairs of leather sandals. They were $9 per pair!!! I also bought a pair of girl shoes for my little girl. They were $10. Very happy with my bargains. Just a note though -- due to the extremely reduced price, Rivers will accept no refund nor exchange on any of the shoes!
  • kazyazy
    Awesome sale QS I can't decide which one to get...too many bargains :D

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