Rivers - $1.00 Stocks - Starts Monday 4 Days ONLY - Instore & Online

16 November 2008

$1.00 Stocks.

Sock Code: 461MSOCK ONLY


  • jdstacey
    They're currently $1.80 so that's a 44.44444% saving!!! :) Socks, that is, not stocks. :P
  • Keeys
    I LOVE rivers socks they are the only socks we buy these days for the whole family. Shame I won't be near a store this week :(
  • rthomson
    Keeys, it does say online as well.
  • Keeys
    yeah but my credit card isn't looking good :(
  • Keeys
    Just had a look online despite my sick loking credit card ;) Not really worth ordersing online unless you were planning on buying other items as well. "NOTE: there is a LIMIT of 10 pairs of $1 socks per customer." so if they are normally $1.80 and postage is $6 your really not saving much :( Great deal for those who can get instore though!!
  • golfwidow
    Also when buying online: "Please note all orders must be $20 minimum (before postage)"

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