Rivers - $1.00 Socks Are Back ( Style 46MSOCK ONLY ) - From Monday Until Thursday

29 May 2009

This offer is available between Monday 1st June and Thursday 4th June, instore OR online.


Please remember it's a minimum order of $20 online with a flat fee of $6.00


  • lilpretzel
    [CENTER][CENTER]][/CENTER][/CENTER] [CENTER][CENTER] ]http://www.rivers.com.au/images/09_socks.jpg[/CENTER][/CENTER]
  • kazyazy
    I love rivers socks thanks LP :)
  • nod
    Time to stock up - thanks
  • taskel
    Great for the colder months!! Thanks!
  • Keeys
    We love rivers socks here too the whole family wears them :)
  • lilpretzel
    For $1 you can't go wrong :)
  • wfdTamar
    Just a note - if these are the ones made out of the stuff thermal undies are made out of they do wear out fast if you walk around without shoes on (I got some last time). Good for $1 though.
  • Keeys
    really?? I've never had a pair wear out and this is all we all wear. I love the colours and do find they fade over time. Hubby gets their work socks as well hes really hard on socks even $8-$10 pairs don't last as long as rives ones think the work socks are about $3. The kids havegrey ones for school rather than normal school socks and then white/coloured ones for the weekends. Lucky I'm going to town on Tuesday so can stock up on some new ones kids have lots of single socks or puppets as they call them ;)
  • kazyazy
    My rivers socks are still going after a couple of years of wear and they are so comfy.

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