REMO - Stocktake Sale

17 June 2009

REMO have a stocktake sale on for the next 14 days.


  • queenshrew
    I was keen on: 50% OFF all Designs on Coloured REMO T Shirts But there are only limited sizes for some colours.. and they're $17.50 each (excluding postage) with the 50% off. This excludes Black tees too. So I decided I'll pass... Still waiting for my awesome Threadless tees to arrive :D
  • crampy33
    They still have the free T-shirt offer at REMO and 50% everyone after that:- "FREE REMO T Shirt! You will be charged $0 for the 1st T Shirt added to your Cart, and you'll receive 50% OFF any other T Shirts included in that same order. Cheers!" It should work with the clearance items, I used it a few days ago. Just go via the link here = ]

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