Purchase a bra from Zodee.com.au & get matching briefs for free! (or thong if you prefer!)

1 June 2007

If you purchase a bra from Zodee.com.au, they'll give you the matching brief for free, from the selected range below. It says that the offer is limited to Zodee Club members, but you just have to sign up at the link at the top of thier site :) Looks like they have some gorgeous undies!!

There is also a handy 3.75% buckscoop cashback!!

Details: buy a bra and & receive the matching brief free
Available on Dentelle (French Nude & Cameo only), Harmonies (Jet & Antique Pink only), Coranto (Black, White & Caramel only), Prism (tea & Peony Pink only), Skin Lights ( Jet, Pearl & Tan only)& Sheer Ribbons (Black only). Simply add a bra and your choice of matching brief (or culotte/short/thong) to the shopping bag to apply the discount. Offer limited to Zodee Club members.

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