Portmans sale starts 28 may - up to 50% off

29 May 2009

Dresses from $19.95 AUS
Knitwear from $29.95 AUS
Knit tops from $9.95 AUS


  • queenshrew
    There's not a lot of variety left for $19.95 dresses at this moment..except for large sizes such as 16, at the store I went to. Kinda sad as I noticed a dress for $19.95 which I paid $49.95 for last week, only thing that cheered me up a little was that the dress on sale was a 16 and I can't wear a 16. There were quite a few smaller sized ones but they were in the $39.95-$59.95. However, the dresses price range from $19.95 to $59.95. I must say though - I did succeed in grabbing the last Size (M) at a bargain -- lovelovelove the dress I bought for $19.95, down from $99.95! My friend snapped up a jacket that was reduced from $199.95 to $29.95. Be quick though, sizes are limited! :D
  • lisss
    Wow that sounds really good queenshrew, now I want to go shopping!! :(

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