Portmans - $50 off $150 sale.

5 November 2009

Only seems to apply to selected lines - but they're not showing what lines they are. Probably ask in store. If you get the right info its $50 off a $150 spend.


  • femme17
    yes this promotion is correct. I bought a nice dress and some accessories today
  • admin EDITOR
    What does it apply to femme17? Is it shown or marked or do you need to ask someone?
  • femme17
    minimum purchase of $150 and you get $50 back. and that applies for full price and also discounted price. In my local store, there is a big pink card board at their window that show the promotion :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Got that bit - was wondering what it applied to in terms of stock lines. It says in the promo that it only applies to selected lines.

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