Penn Men's Zip Thru Loo Hoody (grey marl) delivered for $13 by The Hut

13 June 2013

The Hut are selling this Penn Men's Zip Thru Loo Hoody in grey marl colour for $13, which includes shipping to Australia. Their clothes are generally good quality so at this price it's worth the small spend if you're in need of another warm top.

On a side note, if you're looking for kids toys by any chance, I see that they're selling a few of the Zhu Zhu toy range for cheap at $6.50 a piece including shipping.

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  • stevehl
    £7.98 (£6.99 plus £0.99 international postage to Australia). 24 hours after placing my order they cancelled it. It appears that TheHut has a long history of taking money and then refunding purchases a few days later. Reading other forums you will find that they cancel orders quite frequently without explanation - frequently enough to recommend, not to deal with this company. 14/6/13 they have changed the price to £14.99 + postage
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