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3 May 2009

Grab yourself a fantastic pair of sport shoes!

Buy one for yourself & get a pair FREE for your Mum, Dad, Brother, Mate, whatever the choice is all yours!

* Not sure when Sale ends sorry.


  • lilpretzel
  • tarajaneace
    it's an ongoing promotion. If you buy new balance or asics your second pair must be from another range (with most pairs, especially the more expensive running shoes IE the Kayano and the nimbus etc) I went instore (canberra) and the had a real lack in sizes. The had basically nothing in the bogof asics range for my size 8.5 foot. If i didn't need them straight away I would of ordered online.. but my shins felt like they were getting a beating with a cricket bat with every step on the treadmill. I ended up getting a pair of this seasons (not bogof) and you recieve a membership to pauls vip club which gives 15% off non sale stock. Is a great deal if you have a few kids to buy for and you don't need brand specific. There prices are pretty much on par with the premium shops (althetes foot) and are slightly more expensive then your standard retailers (rebel). You can tell I researched this... I go though an expensive pair of runners every six months.. and I refuse to pay full price!

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