Ozstock - Cuddle Blanket with Sleeves & Feet Pocket - $12.50 + Shipping Or Pick Up (NSW)

5 June 2009

If you keep missing out on buying these on COTD today you can get the Cuddle with feet pocket and a large pocket to put your book, remote etc in.

Available in two colours: Blue and Pink, randomly picked for dispatch


  • lilpretzel
    Blue and Pink, randomly picked for dispatch! http://www.ozstock.com.au/images/200906/587_1.jpg http://www.ozstock.com.au/images/200906/587_0.jpg Shipping is $9.90 with [SIZE=2] 50% discount[/SIZE] on the shipping rate for every additional item in one order. OR Pick up your order from the warehouse, opening hours 10:00~18:00 Monday~Friday
  • kazyazy
    Its a backwards dressing gown!!! Genius!!! What will they think of next backwards socks lol :confused:
  • blondieo
    Omg!!!!!!! I Want One!!!! They Are Sooo Brilliant!! :) :D
  • queenshrew
    It's now sold out!
  • golfwidow
    Wow that was fast. I only checked it a few minutes ago! Thanks Queenie. Will expire :)
  • lilpretzel
    Gee that was quick! Do the offers start from midnight? I've never noticed :)

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