Ozsale- Fiorucci bags sale

2 November 2009

There is so many nice Fiorucci bags and the prices range from only $16 to $22. Worth having a look I think.


  • ExoticFamiliarity
    My HandBag fetish is getting out of hand! lol
  • sparrow
    I agree they are nice bags, however the Fioricci bag I got off them a few weeks ago when they had another of these sales, was not as good a quality as I would expect a bag with a nearly $200 original price tag to be. It was in the stitching and wasn't finished off well in a few spots. Only worth the $23 dollars I'd paid. Still a lovely bag though.
  • lisss
    Got really xcited when I saw this sale but the bags arent what I think of as Fiorruci- reeeeeallly old stock :(

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