Oroton - Sale up to 50% off instore and online

12 June 2012

If you haven't heard or own anything from Oroton. I think it's time you get something from there!!

I love the quality from Oroton. Their bags and wallets last for ages. I'm still using one of those little coin box from 5 - 6 years ago and it still looks great!

It might be expensive, but the workmanship and quality is definitely something to write home about and with up to 50% off, this would be a good time to purchase something for yourself or someone close to you.

* Coin purse from $40.00 (RRP from $85+)
* Large wallets from $95.00 (RRP from $195+)
* Small wallets from $105 (RRP from $215+)
* Footwear from $95 (RRP from $195+). The orange ballet flat was one I have been salivating since it came out last year, but with the RRP of $245, I had to salivate from afar! It's now $120!

lots more, bags of different shapes and sizes, scarves, keychains, jewelleries.. Have a look and happy shopping (or if you are in my boat, salivating =D)

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