Once: Win a $5,000 wardrobe and a fashion stylist for a day

18 December 2007

I'm not entirely sold on the fashion stylist, but the $5000 on clothes is not bad.

Their Blurb says

The Life & Style section of smh.com.au is a great place to take a break from your hectic day and catch up with the latest fashion trends, celebrity news, beauty tips, health information and more.

Always fresh and up-to-date, the latest additions include the Girls Guide blog a humorous look at how women take on the men in their lives; and a new Design section covering architecture, interior design and the arts.

If you've ever yearned for a new wardrobe and a fashion stylist shopping companion, then here's your chance. Sign up to the smh.com.au Life & Style newsletter and you could win a $5,000 wardrobe plus a fashion stylist for a day.

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