NEW Wholesale Website for registered businesses by PINK SODA

20 January 2010

I just got an email saying Pink Soda is now a Wholesale Website. Its seems you have to log in to see the wholesale prices.

Most Jewellery
wholesales between $2 and $6...

New Winter
Hats W/S at about $8.50

Bags about
$20 and Purses $10


  • melscott28
    wholesale prices are only available to registered businesses
  • kazyazy
    This is what the email said and the wholesale prices work for me and I dont have a business but I was already a member. The email didn't make much sense to me As you’re a subscriber/member of PINK SODA you’re invited to shop freely at Pink Soda.... 1B) Please read the below information...Refers to the Internet browser you use... Internet Explorer - When you to attempt to log in, create an account or when you have decided to checkout and pay for your goods a “security pop up box” appears on the computer screen with a “yes” and “no” please ignore this pop up box as it only appears on Internet Explorer due to our website having installed “Goggle Translate for our international customers”, so just click on no and the pop up box disappears... Safari - No pop up box appears whatsoever, highly recommended web browser. Firefox - No pop up box appears on your computer screen, another highly recommended web browser. 2) Our prices are amazing and the quality is equally as good...These are achieved by our manufacturing agreements in several countries...We also offer “further discounts” on qty, simply click on any design and it will either state “multiple discounts” or “cleared to sell” at a cheap price “every design” offers price benefits....There are no minimums and no hard sell...Please log in/or create a new account and have a look at the hundreds upon hundreds of designs... 3) I now sell into 15 countries and have distribution agreements with some major companies...

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