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Looks like fidget spinners are about to get relegated to the toy box. Mermaid Positivity Bracelets are here, and after a stint on America's Today Show, and kids around the world are going absolutely bananas for them!

So how do they work? Well, the Mermaid Positivity Bracelet is a heavily sequined, velvet-lined bracelet that has an adjustable Velcro closure and fits kids from the age of four years and above. The beauty of these is that the sequins are reversible, and when a hand is run over them, they flip to another colour - so you kids can essentially 'draw' on them!

They are something to tinker with, something to help calm anxious or fidgety children, they are oh-so-shiny - and then there's the mermaid factor.

Take a look at some of the designs:

The very same concept applies to the Mermaid Pillows: reversible sequins allow kids to write and draw on their pillow - and they look ah-mazing!

All styles of the Mermaid Bracelets are on backorder following huge sales from the Today Show segment, so orders won't ship until the 24th August.

NOTE: prices on the Mermaid Pillow Co are in USD.

Shipping to Australia is FREE.

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