Massive Sale at 1001 Optical, Westfield Doncaster, Victoria (In-Store Only)

21 April 2008

As per title above, I was in Shoppingtown yesterday and saw a massive 60% sale going on( I have no idea when it started/ending) but I presume that it is also part of the opening sale since it's in the new part of the centre. There were heaps of optical frames like Dior, Mossimo, Oroton and so forth for 60% off,bringing the frames prices down to $80-$200(bargain for designer frames).

I have no idea how much it cost to get it fitted with lens but I suppose if you have your local optometrist you go to, you can just buy the frames from here and get it fitted yourself.

I think that this sale is across all 1001 Optical stores( but dont quote me on that).

Have fun shopping :)


  • bigal
    gave it a warm vote as I dont know where there's a 1001 optical near me. also, a lot of the optical places offer 60 and even 70% off... but their RRPs are typically HIGHLY inflated. The missus bought a pair of glasses with perscription lenses for $400, this is after some generous discount. Then when the glasses came back, it just looked wrong, the style of the glasses did not fit the type of lense. so they offered us another pair. we picked a pair which was cheaper so we ended up getting a $70 instore credit, but this pair would've probably be sold at further discounts. Now after 4 weeks, we've been back to adjust the glasses and the optometrist said there's something wrong and the glasses are not strong enoug and the lens has had its coating come off in some places. so they got us to pick yet another frame and proceeded to get them fited for a 3rd time.... I still dont think they've lost out.
  • admin EDITOR
    Was this online or instore bigal ?
  • bigal
    instore at a westfield

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