Leona Edmiston Five Fabulous Days promo - 11%-31% off depending on min spend.

24 July 2013

Leona Edmiston is running a “Five Fabulous Days to Spend and Save” promotion, starting on Wednesday, 24th of July. It´s worth posting as they are a relatively expensive fashion boutique and don´t often discount storewide at this level.

The discounts are applied at the checkout. Min spend is $149 to get to the first discount tier. Details are as follows:

If you spend between $149 and $249 you get $29 off (11.5% - 19.5%)
If you spend between $249 and $349 you get $69 off (20% - 28%)
And $349 or over you get $109 off (31%-)

This promotion does not exclude sale items and where it´s not a bad deal is if you can get close to the min spend (and combine it with other discounts). I'll post a couple of examples in the comments of what are good bargains.

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  • vikk
    The price of the Tania Dress is reduced to $329 (from $395), but unfortunately it is just below the min spend of $349 to get $109 off the price. Combine the dress with Fishnet Pins ($22.95) to reach the discount tier. In this case you will be paying $242.95 in total, which is 42% off the original price! That´s a pretty good deal. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/6d2a/nhdpx1bo8d1zbio6g.jpg
    Edited By: vikk on 2013/07/24 21:32:06: correction

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