Leona Edmiston - Choose 2 selected Ruby dresses for $200 (RRP $149 each)

10 August 2012

Gorgeous gorgeous Leona's dresses. Just until this sunday, get 2 selected ruby dresses for only $200 originally $149 each. That's a whopping $98 savings. Grab a friend and head to their boutiques or online and get one each!


  • queenshrew
    Of the 3 floral dresses the one I like only has size XXS left :( The least appealing floral dress has more sizes left, but I don't like its shape at all. The others don't really appeal to me. I think most people would have trouble choosing 2 dresses with the correct size from the lot :p Choices are simply too limited.
  • jezebel8
    Better to go to their boutiques.. More choices and sizes =)

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