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2 February 2007

Sorry - but I've gotta list this as its cracking me up. NOT A BARGAIN - but very funny. I really dont know if I'd class it as saying 'hey your funky' ....

The Description......
The L.E.D. Belt Buckle is a groovy gadget and fashion accessory all rolled into one. It says "hey, I'm funky" in fact, it says anything you want it to say! You choose the wording, the display brightness and the scrolling speed - it's the legit way to get a gal to check out your package in the first five seconds! Plus it stores up to six messages, so you'll always have the right text to scroll. Forget "read my lips", make that "read my hips" with the LED Belt Buckle!

- LED Belt Buckle
- Displays up to 512 Characters
- Stores up to 6 Messages
- Display Brightness Setting
- Scrolling Speed Setting

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  • admin EDITOR
    :D - stunning...... they sold out of these little pearlers. Has anyone ever seen anyone walking down the road with one on???

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