Lamborghini from $0.95 (plus postage) @ Topbuy

5 October 2010

OK, so it's a camera bag..... you can still push it along the ground and go "broooom" ;-)

This is just one of a number of styles available, the cheapest one being this at $0.95. Being metal it actually looks like it might provide fairly decent protection for a small camera. RRP for this one is $39.95 so not too shabby a discount. Shipping is capped to $4.99.

*Update* The $0.95 ones have sold out, but there are others to choose from....


  • admin EDITOR
    :) - ok I looked......
  • vipulrm
    All gone :(
  • ninkasi
    All gone :(
    Well, the $0.95 one has gone fast (probably a joke there, but I have a shred of decency so will leave it alone) - but there are other Lambo bags available. Have updated the link, but the full list is ]here. There's another metal case ]here for $3.95 (normally $39.95), and a slightly weird one ]here for $1.95 (RRP $59.95).
  • vipulrm
    The $0.95 are back in stock today :D Unfortunately, my camera is too big to fit in these :(

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