Kmart - Hestia Bras $5 & $10

13 May 2009

This is definitely one for the ladies - Kmart have a sale starting tomorrow, and Hestia bras are on sale for $5 & $10.

*$5 bras include the Youth Sports Star wire-free
*$10 bras are Light Fantastic plunge contour, T-shirt racer back with lace, seamless support underwire


  • nelly
    are these in the new catalogue? I have not received one yet
  • laml
    Yes new catalogue.. page 5 sale from Thursday 14th May to Wednesday 20th May ________ ]Effects of avandia
  • NoosieB
    I went to Kmart first thing this morning. I'm sure each store will vary with their amounts of stock, but there wasn't a great deal there unfortunately. Hopefully everyone else who goes has better luck. :( Still, I managed to sift through and grab 4 x $10 bras. Have to be pretty happy with that :)
  • Keeys
    hmmm I'm lucky to get 1 bra for that I'd be cheering 4 at $40!!! I've notice more and more stores seem to just get send out whatever sometime our store gets only 1-2 sizes and if that fits you great ifnot your stuffed. I wanted pj's the other week they were all a size 12 every pair in every colour surely this wasn't just someone being funny??

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