Kmart: 40% off all Kids & Babies Clothing & Sleepwear til 24th Dec

21 December 2008

I saw this today and spent about $70 but got so many things! Just couldn't resist the prices. Great for everyday wear!

Didn't expect them to have so much variety for girls.

I bought these cute little girls tops for $3.60 each after the discount! They had really gorgeous prints - eg It's hard work being cute; Chocolate Rocks; etc Also bought these cotton shorts that were $4 and $2.80+ each after the discount!

As a note, it's also 40% off on Women's, but I didn't have a look as I was short on time after spending an hour attacking the girls' racks hehe. There were some lovely long ladies' dresses there.


  • voteoften
    They do have some nice things there. I will scoot by and get some pants/leggings for about $4 each. You can never have too many white ones at that price.
  • blackmyst
    Went to my Kmart expecting to grab some great deals for bubs on the way, only to be told that the 40% off finished Sunday the 21st. So put everything back on the shelves. I had a closer look at the catty and yep that was right, too bad I didn't see this yesterday or earlier!
  • admin EDITOR
    as in this deal has expired blackmyst ?
  • voteoften
    I was at Kmart innaloo and there was no sign of this or the 40% off women's either. I did however, pick up some women's sweatpants for $1 each. Think how much better off I would have been if I had been able to get 40% off those!
  • blackmyst
    sorry admin - yes as in this deal has expired, I didn't know how to do that though... If you look closely in the BLUE STAR on the page it says "on sale 4 days only ends sunday 21st December" sneaky because everyone would normally just look at the date on the front of the catty which does state sale until 24th December...
  • queenshrew
    Ah yes, it's expired! That's so sneaky of them! Had to look real hard to see what's printed on the star. Anyway, have expired this.. :) Cheers!

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