Jeanswest - Up to 35% Off for Jeanswest Members

17 June 2009

***Please refer to posts below to check for the most up to date information as the below info has since expired. Thanks - Golfwidow***

Jeanswest currently have a sale instore with 25% off .
If you're a Jeanswest member you can take another 10% off sale products, bringing the sale to 35% off. You will need to present a valid Jeanswest Rewards card.

Available until Sunday 21 June, 2009.


  • admin EDITOR
    Jeanswest Freo is having a fire sale if anyone is down there over the weekend.
  • craftykiwi
    I did not get the extra 10% off today so can you confirm this. Staff member wasn't sure and your end date says June. Can't find my newsletter anywhere so wondering if someone else who is a member can post a copy of the info. Need to pick up something tomorrow and would like to know either way. Thanks.
  • golfwidow
    They seem to have an updated Rewards Card System now that goes like this:
    Q. How do I reach Bronze, Silver or Gold status? Become a Bronze member when you spend more than $150 in 12 months and save 5% off all full price merchandise. Become a Silver member when you spend more than $300 in 12 months and save 10% off all full price merchandise. Become a Gold member when you spend more than $600 in 12 months and save 15% off all full price merchandise. Simply present your Jeanswest reward card in-store so your purchases are allocated to your member account. On-line transactions are automatically allocated when you log-in and complete a purchase.
    More info can be found here ]JeansWest Reward Card
  • MamaK
    I got the extra 10% off but it was back in June so it's probably expired. They had signs up about it instore when the promo was on
  • craftykiwi
    Thanks guys. It's unusual for staff not to know if there's a discount or not but has happened once or twice where they didn't. Guess it's just an old post that's been copied forward.

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