JbhiFi - Michael Jackson T-shirt $8 + free delivery (count # MJ songs used)

7 April 2012

I dont really Wanna Be Startin Somethin' but there ain't nothin Bad about this Thriller deal as it goes well with any Bille Jeans but best be a Speed demon and Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough cause You are not alone other bucksoopers will Beat it and this be Gone too soon cause at $8 posted it be very Dangerous close to selling out and an absolute steal for any Smooth Criminal!

**EDIT: it says awaiting stock, but i order one couple month ago when it said same thing and got it in 5 days, putting it on i look like an awesome Man in the mirror!

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  • queenshrew
    Oh dear, that picture on the shirt will give me zombie nightmares lol ;D

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