I want A Bargain- $10 Clearance On Now + Buckscoop Cashback

18 January 2010

Bargains, bargains, bargains! Grab end of season pieces at unbelievable prices.
All items reduced to $10.00.

Labels include CKM, Filo, Sunnygirl, Ivory, Itsu, Junk, Living Doll and more


  • queenshrew
    Have always loved the stuff I purchased from this place..and all at bargain prices. All of them get alot of wear too... Thanks for posting this, didn't know there are more things on sale! :D
  • queenshrew
    I just spent $151 on the website, but I am not sure if it tracked my spending as I clicked through awhile ago, but took ages to make my decision - filling and emptying my cart repeatedly! I bought 9 dresses, 1 skirt and 2 tops for $151!!! Can't wait to receive them... Hope these make up for the Crossroads dresses I had to return cos they were all so ill fitted :(
  • melscott28
    They have a dress for $29 that i paid $79 for at Spoil Yourself in Perth. Love the dress the only difference is i got it in black and they have it in blue. Really want to buy the blue one too.
  • queenshrew
    Ooh it says my cashback has been validated..:p In the past, I bought these plain short dresses in black, blue and red (all identical) for $10 each, and I have worn them through winter/spring and now summer. Over the colder months, I layered them over leggings or tights with knee high boots, and in summer, I just wear them by themselves with thongs or sandals. Looks great. Best $30 I ever spent for 3 dresses! Also bought a pair of denim 3/4 pants for $10 and they're one of the most comfy I have ever purchased (no longer in stock) and they're quite attractive on too. And another floral strapless dress for $12 that I wear alot too. I also purchased some tops, but I use those when I go to work.. as they're not the type of stuff I wear normally (as they are a little conservative for me on casual days!) There was a french kitty dress I bought for $12 that's probably my dud purchase of the lot. Looked more like something to wear around the house, so that's what it's been used for haha. Still gets alot of use as lounging wear as it's stretchy and comfy - just so long as nobody sees me out in it! :p
  • queenshrew
    Got my parcel today (that's quick!) There are some dresses that are better than others..but.... My fave dress is this one....... ]http://www.iwantabargain.com.au/images/T/bandage-dress-sml.jpg It seriously makes me look at least 1 size smaller!!!! Plus no VPLs!!! (visible panty lines) Woohoo! :p Thinking I look hot! :o

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