How to Simplify Your Wardrobe and Find Your True Style with a Variety of 10 Just Items

This question may pose a dilemma in a number of your minds, how can I have so many clothes but still have nothing to wear. If this is a question you regularly ask yourself then maybe it’s about time you start streamlining your wardrobe to ten core pieces with some extras, to give you the flexibility to chop and change seamlessly between clothing items.

Sounds interesting I must admit, possibly life changing for some of the individuals who take indescribable amounts of time to get changed. But also these tips can help you save money, help make mornings easier or attire for nights out less disastrous. Ideas for both men and women will help you decide what the core of your wardrobe should consist of. And once the ABC’s are done correctly, adding your personal touch is a breeze.

Jennifer L. Scott approached the topic via a TEDx talk, which can be viewed online. To briefly explain what TED is, it’s ‘a non-profit devoted to ideas worth spreading through, our annual conferences, the annual TED prize and the local TEDx events.’

Scott presented some examples of ten core items that men and women can wear. For example a core wardrobe for a woman during the spring season may consist of: skirts, dresses, blouses and shorts. A man's wardrobe is a little simpler and could include shorts, shirts and jeans.

Jennifer L. Scott 10 item wardrobeThe first step to having a less stressful wardrobe experience is minimising your choice, which at first glance seems superficial, but by providing yourself with less choice and less variety, you will be able to consistently wear high quality clothing that matches your style and image, as you want to be perceived.

Step One: Take out all the clothes in your wardrobe, if you have too many to go through at once, do it in sections.


Step Two: Go through every piece of clothing and ask yourself:

  • Does this fit me?
  • Is this age appropriate?
  • Is this my true style?
  • Do I love this?
  • Do I wear this?

If your clothes do not pass the test, then get rid of them, because they are only making things more difficult when you get dressed. Good ways to get rid of them could be to donate them to a friend or family member, give them to charity or send them to Africa.

Step Three: Go through the remaining clothes and take out all the items that are not pertinent to the season that you are in. We are about to enter spring, so you wont be using your jumpers, jackets, and furry coats. Store these out of the way if you can.

Too many clothes to choose from

Step Four: Now with everything you have left, you can begin to build your 10-item wardrobe, which are your core items that you can wear on a daily basis. For women this may consist of: one pair of jeans, two tops, three dresses and four skirts. For a man, this could include one pair of trousers, two jeans, three shirts and four polo shirts.

These examples do not include things such as jumpers, t-shirts, scarves outerwear and special occasion clothes (church clothes), but the underlying point here is to get your essential clothing narrowed down to a manageable basic standard. The benefits will empower you to put on any two pieces together at anytime and add the extras when you need to. You will always dress to your style and it will hopefully always encourage you to dress your best.

So if after reading this you are ready to have a lifestyle change and try out the 10-item wardrobe, I have included some examples to get your started, plus help you save money when purchasing. Or if you simply want good deals on clothing then see the recommended fashion coupon / discount / voucher codes and deals below.


Ideas for Women

Jeans x 1

Fashion Bunker currently has a sale on and you can get a pair of 'Memories Denim Jeans' for $14.95. These have been reduced from $159.95.

Tops x 2

Sweet Cherry Pie TopDissh have a very summery discounted top on offer called the ‘Sweet Cherry Pie Top’ which has been reduced from $55 to $29.

Check out this 'Take It All Top' from Fashion Bunker, which is in the sale, reduced from $119.95 to $99.95. It’s available in black and ivory.


Dresses x 3

Mandy Strapless DressThis little black number at City Beach, the 'Ava and Ever Charlie Dress', is available for 60% off, now priced at $29.

The Iconic also have a great selection of dresses, plus a final clearance sale. The Mandy Strapless Dress’ is a good example of one of their clearance items, reduced from $89.95 to $35.98. Two colours pink and black are available.

The Neverland Store is flexing their muscle with a range of items also in the sale. This Muscle dress by Dream Monster has the slogan “Rather Be In Paradise” across the front and has been reduced from $69.95 to $34.98.


Skirts x4

Kiara Midi SkirtWithin Fashion Bunker's sale have a chic ‘Up the Wall Skirt’ available in black on sale for $59.95, down from $129.95.

Or you could go for this ‘Memphis Scuba Midi Skirt’ from The Iconic. It's black and white with floral patterns and is reduced from $59.95 down to $35.97.

This elegant noughts and cross’s ‘Kiara Midi Skirt’ from Dissh is a great way to create an elegant look this summer. On sale for $29, that's down almost $40 off its original price.

City Beach have a 'Mooloola Skirt' on sale that is a brilliant red in colour for the exact same price of $29 (previously $59.99).



Ideas for Men

Trousers x 1

Our first selection for the guys is a pair of Varley Cotton Twill Skinny Chinos’ that come in light grey from The Iconic. They were $49.95 but are now on sale for $34.96.


California Denim Jean Rinse Indigo

Jeans x 2

Everyone needs a pair of jeans for a night out. Well, Neverland Store has a pair of Nena & Pasadena jeans which they call ‘California Denim Jean Rinse Indigo’ on sale for $74.96, down from $99.95.

If the above jeans are too dark for you, check out these ‘Lafayette Jeans’ from The Iconic which are marked at 50% off, now just $40.


Shirts x 3

Jacks Leagues short sleeve shirtA few ideas for shirts during the hotter months could be short sleeve shirts, such as this Jacks Leagues short sleeve shirt from City beach. It’s a chequered navy/green colour costing $25, reduced from $39.99.

What do you think of this slightly wacky ‘Stevie Shirt Jungle Cat’ option from Neverland Store? It was $79.95 but they have brought it all the way down to $15.99.

Our final option a slightly more normal shirt from The Iconic and made by Jack N Jones is a ‘Dobby Plain LS Shirt.’ It comes in either medium blue denim or vaporous grey. It's on sale for $48.97.


Polo-shirts x 4

Romford PoloIf you’re a fan of Ben Sherman, then this Romford Polo’ might interest you. Its available in ten different colours and has been reduced to $41.96 from $59.95.

Possibly you prefer a more relaxed style such as ‘Jacks Jacks Comrade Polo’ from City Beach which has dark and light blue horizontal stripes( to $29.99.

The Iconic have a discounted Calvin Klein polo for sale. This ‘CK Jeans Stretch Piquet Polo’ comes in light green and has a new price tag in the sale of $55.97.

More of a Quicksilver fan? Well City Beach has a casual looking ‘All Day Polo Shirt’ within their sale items that comes in two tones, black and grey, and you can pick it up for $49.99.


The above clothing are examples of just some of the attire that you could use to create your 10-item wardrobe. However, don't think that you have to stick strictly to ten items. You could expand to 15 or 20, as long as you keep it controlled and organised so as to make your daily outfit selections easy and manageable.

Extra’s and accessories are separate from this general clothing rule, so chop and choose from what suits you depending on the time of year and the weather conditions. But because these extras are so varied, I have provided a list of all the retailers that we currently have active coupon codes, promo codes and discount codes for. So feel free to browse through them below. They range from 10% all the way to 30% off.


Coupon Codes / Discount Promos for Fashion Outlets

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